LeadGeneratingTools.com Is It A Scam?

LGTHello, this is Bill, and today I want to discuss LeadGeneratingTools.com, or as they like to be called LGT.  This is a basic review of the company, good and bad, and will attempt to give you, the reader, an honest look at this company and what it does. I want to say upfront that I am a member LGT but I will be as unbiased as I can be in my review. So is LeadGeneratingTools.com a scam?

LeadGerenatingTools.com is exactly what it says it is, a lead generating tool, and was established as an internet marketing company offering free and paid marketing tools, services, monthly resources, and live coaching, through their Lead Generating Tools Membership Site. All of the Paid Members have all the tools and services they need to build and manage a large contact list, and Free members can build a contact list because LGT hosts special list building pages for all members.

This review is being written to offer ideas on how LGT might be of benefit to  anyone looking for an inexpensive way to get the tools and services needed to start and maintain a website and market their products. LGT offers a means of earning income online, and with the training tools and other things they offer, it may be something of interest to those on a tight budget.


Business Tools1
Name: LeadgeneratingTools.com

  • Website: http://www.leadgeneratingtools.com/
  • Price Free Up to $34.95/month
  • Owner Steven Swetman
  • Overall Score 95 out of 100

Good Profit

If you are marketing any kind of product today, you must find ways to attract customers, especially if your are marketing on line. The bottom line is unleeralss you can offer someone something they are interested in, they will never look at your product. The more customers you can attract the more profit! It is that Simple. LGT offers basically everything you need to get started reasonably and start making a profit quickly.

Tools You Need To Succeed

Marketing on line is a way for the average person to start a business  and work from home but it is not free as a lot of the advertising that companies promote on line. You have to attract customers and once the are attracted you must have software to keep in touch with them and attract them to specials or products that they need. This involves having a website, having it hosted, an auto responder to store customers information and keep in touch with them! Products which all cost money. That does not even include advertising your products and services which even costs more.

Great Opportunity

The opportunities offered when you opt for online jobs are endless. You will not just have one option but several as long as you are open to everything. The skills needed for online income are not that difficult or require some specialties and some will even just require basic computer skills and knowledge on how to use the internet.

On the other hand, working online may be easy but do not expect an overnight success, one needs to work hard first in order to succeed. To succeed in online income endeavors, one needs to get the right program and tools to attract and keep customers. So lets examine if LeadGeneratingTools the right company  for you.

strategiesAbout the Company

LeadGeneratingTools.Com offers a  a variety of services to help with any  marketing and budget. They offer Free and Paid Marketing Tools, Services, Monthly Resources, and Live Coaching, through a Lead Generating Tools Membership Site. All paid members have all the tools and services they need to build and manage a large contact list. Even the free can build a contact list by using special list building pages.  Below is a basic list of tools and services provided by LGT Marketing.

Steve SwetmanFounded by Steven Swetman

Steven Swetman started the company 10 years ago especially to help others with internet marketing. He offers free training and along with other associates in the program can help anyone from “newbies” to seasoned professionals get the products up and running. He also offers a traffic exchange site call LGTTraffic if you are into traffic exchange for advertising your products.

Tools That Are Offered



All the tools and equipment they offer for such reasonable prices should make anyone looking to start a business want to look at LGT!


Much like the pros, there is so much information and video training it is overwhelming if you are kind of slow at doing things like I am. The website has been updated and the videos they have at present are from the old website, so they are hard to follow. Also if you are just starting out and need a website with hosting, that is altogether something that you need help with. Do not try to do that alone because creating and  changing domains plus using cpanels is not something for the inexperienced.

Name: LeadgeneratingTools.comtools 2
  • Price: Free Up to 34.95 Per Month
  • Owner: Steven Swetman
  • Overall Rank: 95 out of 100


LeadGeneratingTools.com is certainly not a scam and for the money, I do not believe that someone who is creating a business and looking to get customers to follow him could do much better than this for the money. Most auto responders alone are $20 and hosting ranges anywhere from $5. on up. So if you are in the market for tools and ways to market your business, I would definitely give LeadGeneratingTools.Com a look.

If you have any questions or comments about this or any of my posts, I would certainly welcome them and if you like this post please share it!

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Complete Coffee Shop Millionaire Review!

Complete Coffee Shop Millionaire Review


Hi this is Bill and today I want to give you my Complete Coffee Shop Millionaire Review. If you are interested in this online money making program or just looking at different programs like it, let me show you the pros and cons of Coffee Shop Millionaire so you can judge for yourself.

Coffee Shop Millionaire was created by a gentleman named Anthony Rister and is a program that teaches basic ways to market on the internet. As far as the base program goes, it fulfills what it promises by offering information which is useful for someone with a basic knowledge of how to market. But do not let the title of the company fool you. The millionaires in Starbucks did not get there with this program.                                                                                                  coffeeshop millionaires

Name:Coffee Shop Millionaire
Website: http://howtheinternetworkstoday.com/CoffeeShopMillionaire
Price: $39 ++++
Owner: Anthony Rister
Overall Rank:40 out of 100


What is Coffee Shop Millionaire :

This is what one of their ads says:

“Coffee Shop Millionaire is a powerful work from home system that was created to bring lifestyle and financial freedom to you. With Coffeeshop Millionaire, what was not there before is now easy to accomplish. With this powerful system you can have the capability of generating a substantial wealth and build a solid empire all from the comfort of your own home, even in your PJ’S!”

“With Coffee Shop Millionaire YOU are your own boss and choose your own hours and where you wanna work. However, Coffee Shop Millionaire is NOT a guaranteed overnight success that will make you a millionaire overnight but it will guide you on the right path to becoming one. This amazing system comes complete with tools, trainings, and step-by-step guide for you to start earning a substantial wealth online. With this effective program, you can earn full time 24-7 no matter night or day. All you simply do is complete the 8 week training and you are on your road to financial success that puts lawyers and doctors to shame, GUARANTEED!”

Who is Coffee Shop Millionaire designed for:

The advertising says it is for anyone and they do have training modules that can be reviewed over and over. The only problem is unless you have a nodding acquaintance with some of the ideas being discussed you may have to get help and there is where the problems come in. Frustration will set in quickly if you cannot figure out what they are saying and can get help. So what about their training.


Coffee Shop Millionaire Training:        

There are twelve training modules included in the program with some video training for different aspects of online marketing. Things such as email marketing, local marketing, article submissions and the initial product is an outline of a system to make 21 thousand dollars in a few weeks and if that sounds too good to be true, you are absolutely right. Any decent online marketer will tell you it just does not work that way!


What Coffee Shop Millionaire Really Is:


  • It is an inexpensive initial investment
  • Work from home
  • Make your own hours
  • Spend more time with your family
  • The information provided is accurate and can help
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • The earning potential is clearly stated
  • Upfront about the work involved to succeed.


  • First and foremost is all the upsells
  • Training that is outdated.
  • No Real Network of Other Marketers to help you.
  • Outrageous Claims Like:
    • Earned thousands in just weeks!
    • Quit their jobs, work only a few hours a day
    • Paid off debts and purchased homes, cars, etc
    • Took vacations, did what they wanted to do!
  • Some Training is too advanced even for accomplished salespeople.


The initial Cost :$37 per month

money pit

“money pit”

There is a growing trend that so many so called “gurus” are implementing and teaching now that says to sell a product low and then make your money on the upsells. That seems to be the case with Coffee Shop Millionaire. immediately you are informed that to really succeed in this program you need to purchase the Six Figure Success Club which is another $297. They also do not let you know that in order to be successful you need a website, a domain and hosting which is lots more money. My feeling is that programs like this should be called “The Money Pits”.


Name:Coffee Shop Millionaire
Website: http://howtheinternetworkstoday.com/CoffeeShopMillionaire
Price: $39 ++++
Owner: Anthony Rister
Overall Rank:40 out of 100


The Coffee Shop Millionaire is like so many other similar programs on the internet, lots of promises of riches, for very little money to start. Once you’re in the program though, you find out that the initial cost is just the beginning and if you really want to succeed you need to spend a lot more money. The lessons The Coffee Shop Millionaire are trying to show you are quite a bit more advanced than the average beginner can understand, and they are hugely underwhelming for the cost. To not at least explain how difficult it is to sell services like they suggest to local companies, let alone not even mention one word about that, is a serious omission. With inadequate training, little help from the company and spiraling costs after you join my complete Coffee Shop Millionaire review is to look elsewhere.

My Recommendation:

Coffee Shop Millionaire provides what it says it will but at a lot higher cost than what it is worth and the training is far less superior than companies that cost far less, My suggestion would be to look at Wealthy Affiliate.







Please feel free to leave me your ideas on this program or any comments you have about this post. Thanks and best wishes!


Complete Internet Income University Review

internet income universityInternet Income University review is important in case you are a new marketer learning how to market and searching for a program like Internet Income University. This is a company that offers a means to earning income online. Earning online is definitely a great help for people who wanted to earn without too much effort needed. There are several good reasons why earning online is definitely a perfect option.                                       

Lets Get Started

Lets Get Started


Name:Internet Income University

Website: http://internetincomeuniversity.com

Price: $30+++

Owner: Blue

Overall Rank:30 out of 100


The Benefits of Earning Online

Good Profit

One of the top benefits of internet income is to acquire an unparalleled amount of profit. These days even if you have a day job,it seems there is still never enough money. With internet income, it gives you the best opportunity to earn online fast and easy. When you have the right dedication and perseverance you can earn as much as $10,000 or more every month. This is a great income that can even overcome your daytime job salary. As a matter of fact, many people who find success in internet job decides to quit their daily job to become full time in their online job.


Working online is very efficient and simple. When you work online, it allows you to be the boss, wherein there will be no demanding employer or annoying colleagues to bother you anymore. You are the boss of your work and you don’t have to worry about being late to work because your time is your own. As long as you complete the task, you can now sit back and relax as you wait for clients to pay you. No hassles, no traffic and other aspects to think when working online. You are also assured of getting the best income that you need.

Great Opportunity

The opportunities offered when you opt for online job are endless. You will not just have one option but several as long as you are open to everything. The skills needed for online income are not that difficult or required some specialties and some will even just require basic computer skills and knowledge on how to use the internet.

On the other hand, working online may be easy but do not expect an overnight success, one needs to work hard first in order to succeed. To succeed in online income endeavors, one needs to get the right program or complete guide. So is Internet Income University one of the companies that can help you to succeed?                                                    strategies


Internet Income University The Right Opportunity?

About the Company

 Their main theme or motto is FAST which stands for:

  • F Fast Website Setup
  • A Affiliate Income Streams
  • S Scalable Advertising
  • TTraining and Support

Founded by Ken and Darrin Blue

bluesWhat Ken and Darrin espouse as their main ideology is to provide the right solutions and tools that people who want to earn money online can use. They want to help people understand the significance of learning the varied aspects of affiliate marketing. So if you are looking to succeed in online marketing the use of Internet Income University is an option, but you must beware.


Internet Income University’s main goal is to help beginners earn money with affiliate marketing. The user will have the opportunity to set up a website, look for affiliate revenue streams, work with advertising and be able to get training as well as support. The main basis of online income is through a decent website.

With Internet Income University, the company will help you to setup your own website. All you have to do is to register the domain name and buy hosting that your website needs. You can be assured that your site is always up 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

Apart from having your individual website, this company also offers you access to a number of tutorials and videos that will demonstrate how to earn an income online. You will also learn how to effectively attract the visitors you need to help you earn an income efficiently.

Internet Income University has also established a developing community wherein the members will have the chance to interact with each other to obtain the best success


It is not ideal for advanced users or people who already have a lot of expertise and proficiency in affiliate marketing.

The biggest drawback though is the cost.

It is $30 for a lifetime membership, (not bad huh) well just wait.

Here are some of the other expensive they push at you after you join:

  • Hosting service $14.95 a month
  • Personal Development $177
  • Keyword tool $97
  • A weight loss program which is $49/mo
  • SEO Service which are an incredible $97 to $497 A month (They do say it is an “EASY” payment plan Incredible)

Conclusions:     scam alert


Internet Income University does what it says it will do. Help people get started in the affiliate marketing field but with all of the upsells and the costs of their products I have to rate it very low as something I would recommend.


Name:Internet Income University

Website: http://internetincomeuniversity.com

Price: $30+++

Owner: Blue

Overall Rank:30 out of 100

My Recommendation

If you are looking for a way to get started online take a look at my number one recommendation because it will do what Internet Income University does for a lot less money and no upsells!


Please give me your thoughts on this program or any other questions or comments you may have.


Start a Business for Free in Three Easy Steps.

If you are considering starting a business, it is my hope that this article can help you before you spend lots of time, effort and money like I did without results.  So keep reading to start a business for free in three easy steps.
It is easy to start a business especially on line. All you need is an idea on a product or service to sell, an IT professional to build your website, and a company to host it for you. That brings up the question, what if you do not have an IT guy or hosting company?
Let me help you with that. Here are the three easy steps to start a business:

1. You Need A Plan.

It needs to be concrete so it ought to be in writing and should include things such as:

  • What niche you want to be in
  • How much you can spend each month for advertising
  • How you plan to advertise
  • How much time you can devote to your plan each day, week or month
  • What goals you want to achieve

2. You Need a Turnkey System.

A   system that can implement your plan and help you with things such as:

  • Finding a Niche
  • Building a Website
  • Hosting your website
  • Writing a blog to promote your products or service

3. You Need a Mentor

Someone who can guide you seamlessly through the whole process and get you going until you can do it all on your own. Not someone to do it for you, but to guide you with each process until you feel comfortable. Fortunately, that is where I come in. I work with Wealthy Affiliate and we are the best mentors you can find on line today to help you with everything from:

  •  Choosing a Niche
  • Building a Website (not only 1 but 2 for free)
  • Hosting Your Sites for Free
  • Attracting Visitors to Your Site
  • Earning Income From Your Site

Oh and by the way, let me say it again, Wealthy Affiliate is absolutely free to join and there are 2.8 billion people online so regardless of the topic you choose, you can be very successful!
Wealthy Affiliate is the most active, engaging and helpful community of over 190,000+ members, and growing! We want YOU to be one of our next success stories and know you will absolutely love Wealthy Affiliate.
So, what are you waiting for?  Click Here Now to get started and let me help you start a business in three easy steps for free.
If you have any questions or want more information leave me a message below and I will be glad to get back to you.
To Your Success!

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Do You Need AWeber For Your Business, A Review.

Do you need AWeber for your business depends on what kind of business you are in and what you want to do with it. So first of all let’s ask two important questions.
1.Are you planning on creating an opt-in list of customers or subscribers?
2.Will you need to communicate with those people in the future?

If the answer is yes to either of those questions, let’s look at why having AWeber is so important.

Price:$1.00 for the first month
Owner: Tom Kulzer CEO and Founder
Overall Rank:90 out of 100

What is AWeber

So what is AWeber you ask and why do I need it? AWeber is the leader in email marketing and you need it for any business where you need to keep in touch with you clients.

Reasons Why

First and foremost you only do the work once and have it keep on going and going like the Energizer bunny. You can set up an email marketing campaign and it will run automatically, reminding everyone on your list of your services and products, potentially for years without you writing another word.

Secondly, emails go out on schedule without you having to click send. Feel free to go on vacation or get sick, your auto-responder email has you covered.

Third, if your clients are requesting e-products (reports, ebooks, videos, etc), it is really easy to set up instant delivery through your auto-responder. So if someone pays you for an ebook at 2:00am, your auto-responder will send it out while you are fast asleep.

Why AWeberemail-list-building

AWeber develops and runs an opt-in email marketing service used by over 120,000+ small businesses, bloggers and entrepreneurs around the globe. Founded in 1998 by its founder and CEO Tom Kulzer, AWeber’s mission is bulding awesome tools to support their growing base of customers.

The Good

They have outstanding training and offer classes once a week to teach all the best methods of not only using their system but marketing techniques to help you build your business.

There is an outstanding help desk available during the day to answer question or fix problems you might have and it’s a live person so your questions are answered immediately

AWeber offers a great back office. It’s completely intuitive, even for a brand new internet marketer.

A great tracking systems to show you what your ads are doing and how much they are costing you.

There are opt-in forms for your landing page or if you don’t want to create a landing page, they will host your opt-in forms for you.

They advertise that they have the best deliverable of any email marketer out there.

The Bad:

The cost can get pretty expensive compared to other companies because they charge by the number of clients you are mailing to. ( I would love to have this problem.)

The Cost:


Price:$1.00 for the first month
Owner: Tom Kulzer CEO and Founder
Overall Rank:90 out of 100


So if we agree an auto-responder is really necessary for your business then I definitely recommend Aweber! They offer a 30 day trial for only $1.00.  They are a great list management resource as mentioned before and also a way to manage your subscribers and keep your expenses low and profits high! Go here now to get started now or to answer any questions you might have!

Want to Become an Expert Affiliate Marketer?  Click Here!

If you have any comments good or bad about AWeber or any questions for me feel free to leave them below.
To Your Success!



Do Free Websites Make Money?

Free 1Do free websites make money is a question I am sure anyone looking to market on the internet has asked themselves. This article is dedicated to help  answer some of the questions concerned with a free website making money.So let us explore what the answer should be.

Finding a Product

Making money on the internet involves finding a product or service you can interest customers in. It really does not matter whether your website is free or not. You are only using the website to promote what you are marketing.

Getting Visitors

How to get people to visit your website is actually the question which is most important and there are a myriad of ways to do that which I will discuss at another time. If you are new to marketing and trying to start a business on line this is the key to your success.

Creating A Free Website

Creating a free website is easy and can be done in no time. The hardest part is finding something you are passionate about and making it the focal point of your site and then promoting it.

Some of the ways to do that are:

1. Advertising such as pay per click

2. Writing articles that link to it so people can find you

3. Promoting your site on social media                                    facebook

  • Facebook,
  • Linked in,
  • Twitter
  • Google Plus

4. Creating Landing Pages

5. Ezine Articles

This is just a few of the ways to promote it so be creative and you can make it work.

Some ideas on Free Websites:

1. An Ebook you made or bought the rights to.

2. A Product You Invented or own the rights to

3. Affiliate products such as:

ClickBank Product.

Amazon Products such as books, computers and phones


4. A website such as this one to help people with a specific need by offering helpful ideas.

5. A site where you sell ads or promote other businesses.

Lots of Ideas

There are tons of products, ideas and companies with which you can create a money making website by following a plan and working every day to reach a goal of making money.

After You Create the Website  

This is the hardest part. Now you need to create content on your website that will keep people interested and engages the readers enough to want to come back. Getting indexed and ranked on all the big search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo is a great way to start. Once you start getting rankings your website becomes noticed.

Do Free Websites Make Money

The answer is yes unequivocally but it does not happen overnight and is not a get rich quick scheme. To find out how to start a free website with hosting and training in all the key areas I have discussed here, click here now.

Want to Become an Expert Affiliate Marketer?  Click Here!

If you have any ideas I have missed or any questions about how to create a free money making website please fill out the questions below.

To your success!




Are You Ready to Find a Niche Online?

nicheAre you ready to find a niche online? When you relatively new to marketing, in my opinion, it is one of the hardest things to figure out. It takes time and effort and really can determine whether a person succeeds or fails. So I thought I would offer a little advice to those who are ready to find a niche online right now.

So What is a Niche?

What is a niche? As described by Wikipedia, “A niche is a subset of a market on which a specific product is focused.” Niches are often-used techniques for affiliate marketers to segment larger markets. Niche websites can be developed and promoted quickly to uniquely serve a targeted customer base, giving the affiliate a small but potentially continuous source of income.

Finding a Niche

Niches can be any kind of business or product that can be advanced online with a website. For example, if you have small children and have a knowledge of something like baby carriages or cribs, you might want to create a website selling those kinds of products online. Being as specific as possible is best. Find one product and stick with it but do lots of research to make sure it is something that not a lot of others are selling.

Long Tail Keywords

Some niches may become saturated with marketers, increasing competition and making it hard to make a profit. The solutions for this is to search out “undiscovered,” but still profitable, niches, by finding  the best keywords to target. These are secondary words that may follow the keyword in searches conducted by internet users. For example, going back to baby carriages, a long tail keyword might be the safest carriages or best carriages or best carriage wheels, etc.

Niche Products

So now that we know what niches are, let’s consider ways to find products. The first and best way is to create a product of your own and start marketing it on a website. This is very labor-intensive though, and maybe you do not choose to work that hard, so what do you do? You find someone who has already done a niche product and get the rights to sell that product. This is called resale rights. Be very careful though, and make sure you have a top notch product before you try to sell it to someone else. You don’t want people to blame you for something you did not create and have to pay back money to a dissatisfied  customer.

Private Label Rightspeivate label

Private label rights or PLR is where you purchase the rights to a product to sell yourself. This way it becomes yours and you can change it and make it your own. You can claim to be the author, do a video or CD of the information to sell or give away for free. Unless you want to create something yourself, this is probably the best way to get a niche product.


Pay someone to make a product for you. There are lots of places on the internet willing to make things for a sizable fee that you can sell as your own but be careful here also because just paying for the product is not your only expense so be sure you know what you are getting into.

Affiliate Programswea;thy aff

You can always become an affiliate of a program and resell it to others who are looking for that kind of product. This is actually what I am doing right now. I belong to an affiliate program which helps people looking for ideas and a website to market on line. So if that is a niche you might be interested check out the review I have done here.

Want to Become an Expert Affiliate Marketer?  Click Here!

More Ideas

I would be glad to hear your comments or ideas on finding a niche online, and I will also be glad to help you with getting started on your own niche so please contact me below. Here is to your Success,



Amazon Fire TV Reviews

Hi, Bill here and today we wAmazon_Fire_TVill explore Amazon Fire TV reviews.  So why am I getting reviews of this product? As a member of Amazon Prime myself, I did not realize until recently that I could get FREE movies and TV shows just for being an Amazon Prime member. I started exploring and have downloaded some great stuff. When I saw what Amazon Fire TV can do and how it does it, I was totally impressed.

Name: Amazon Fire TV
Price: $99 ( Free Trial for Non Prime Members
Owners: Amazon
Overall Rank: 85 out of 100

The Product:

Amazon Fire TV is a tiny box that connects your HDTV to a world of online entertainment. With a huge selection of TV episodes and movies, voice search that actually works, plus exclusive features like ASAP and Amazon FreeTime, it’s the easiest way to enjoy Netflix, Prime Instant Video, Hulu Plus, low-cost movie rentals, live and on demand sports, music, photos, games, and more.

The Good:

Amazon Fire TV is the best way to experience Prime Instant Video. There is commercial-free streaming of tens of thousands of popular movies and TV shows. It is great for gaming, music and photos. With voice command that actually works, it is extremely easy to use and for us electronically challenged people, it is easy to install.

The Bad:

There are lots of different products on the market like Amazon Fire TV which offer alot the same things. Some like Google Chromecast are even cheap( only $35) but does not offer many of the features like games and videos of Amazon Fire. Here is a chart with the differences:



The Cost:

It is only a onetime fee of $84 for a limited time (regularly $99 with free shipping and if you are not an Amazon Prime member there is a 30 Day free trial.

Name: Amazon Fire TV
Price: $99 ( Free Trial for Non Prime Members
Owners: Amazon
Overall Rank: 85 out of 100

More Reviews:

Mandy says:”I’m your typical middle-aged woman – I don’t game, and I’m not super tech-savvy by any means….so take this review for what it is. The Fire TV was easy to install and I’m loving all the features, free movies, music and simple interface – this thing even has a screen saver that comes on when you’re listening to music! We’ve always just had our Comcast cable service without DVR and occasionally used Comcast OnDemand to watch/rent movies – but I’ll never watch from Comcast again. The voice recognition software is amazing and brought me to exactly what I was looking for every single time I searched. It’s just so easy to find what you’re looking for (unlike Comcast), and since I’m an Amazon Prime member most of what I want to view is free – oh and for the new release movies the cost to “rent” from Amazon is on average cheaper than Comcast OnDemand by a ~$1 or more. So happy with this purchase!”

“I can also connect with Netflix, Hulu and Crackle and with my Prime membership, I can watch almost anything. ” tick| 87 reviewers made a similar statement

“If you do not have any streaming box yet, I would HIGHLY recommend this box over every other product on the market right now. ” William Hardin| 100 reviewers made a similar statement

My Conclusions:

Amazon Fire TV is a product whose time has come. Streaming videos and gaming is really catching on and with the voice command it offers, it is really easy to use. The amazon Fire TV Reviews are in, its a WINNER!

If you would like to leave your personal review or experience of Amazon Fire or you have any questions, please do leave them below, or you can contact me at bill@ billhobstetter.com

I would love to hear your feedback!











Instant Payday Network Review, is it a Scam!


Name:Instant Payday Network
Price: Free or reasonably priced
Owner: Jeff Buchanan
Overall Rank:15 out of 100

Instant Payday Network review, is it a scam? This is my candid review of the Instant Payday Network  or( IPN) a so called free work from home website. This is only my opinion but I hope maybe it can help others in evaluating this opportunity,and to decide if it is something they can do to make money.

Product Overview:

Instant Payday Network is program created by Jeff Buchanan, and advertised as a 100% free system that provides you with three sources of income through a funnel system tested and proven for its effectiveness, along with free video training to help you maximize your daily income. The gimmick being you sign up for insurance quotes and other products and get paid for doing it.

I know you’re wondering if it is free how do you make money? Well, the first two sources of income are Mycashfreebies and Doublemycashfreebies. All you have to do is sign up and complete the trial offers, some of which are free but the majority of which have fees involved. They are all relatively inexpensive to invest in and have to be ordered to maximize your earning potential. You then recruit others to follow your lead and get paid for them signing up. My Cashfreebies pays $25 per referral and Doublemycashfreebies pays $33. After that, there is a third source of income which IPN recommends as optional but is recommended as a way to create residual monthly income. The third source is the Empower Network.

The Good:

  • You can make money from day one.
  • It is easy to learn and there are lots of free training videos.
  • Little if no investment required to start making money.
  • Commissions on referrals are paid daily.
  • If you earn a commission, you get paid the same day!!
  • There is a basic sales funnel for getting traffic.
  • Includes free templates, email auto-responder, stats tracking, and training


  • Craigslist is the recommended advertise spot and it is hard to get noticed.
  • It has been around for a long time and there is lots of competion.
  • Without referrals there are no earnings
  • It is not usually free as advertised, most opportunities that you sign up for in order to qualify have some costs involved .
  • It is a sneaky way to recruit for Empower Network


Free or usually very inexpensive.

Instant Payday Network Support

This is an area that I feel is lacking  with this product. it depends on who recruited you into the company. If you join under someone who is new and just learning themselves, I doubt you will get much support.

Instant Payday Network Training:

Training on things such as:

Lots of videos on:

  •     Recruiting
  •     Filling out MyCashfreebies and DoubleMyCashfreebies Pages
  •     Autoresponders
  •     Email Marketing

Name:Instant Payday Network
Price: Free or reasonably priced
Owner: Jeff Buchanan
Overall Rank:15 out of 100

My Conclusion: SCAM

IPN advertises it is an easy way to make money which is true I have tried the program myself and earned some income. The problem is that unless you are very careful and literally help people you refer sign up , you may not get credit for them. You also need to be very careful to read the two things you are signing up for in each program to guarantee you understand what you are getting and when you need to get out for it to be free.

My biggest problem with the Instant Payday Network though, is the third stream of income. The Empower Network has no substance and charges lots of different and very expensive prices for so called training you can get for free at Wealthy Affiliate. IPN is a smoke and mirrors  way for Jeff Buchanan to recruit people into the Empower Network, a major scam!

Instant Payday Network is a SCAM!

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A Review, Is Amsoil A Scam?

Name: Amsoil Inc.amsoil logo

Website: http://www.Amsoil.com

Price:  Less than $50 to join

Owners: Albert J. Amatuzio, President & CEO

Overall Rank: 60 out of 100

This a review is Amsoil a scam.  I hope to give you an unbiased opinion on this synthetic oil giant and help anyone looking at this home based business opportunity an informed view of whether it is something to explore.

Product Overview:

AMSOIL INC. was founded in 1972 by Al Amatuzio, who had a knowledge of synthetic oil from being a fighter pilot. He is said to have a commitment to high quality and his belief that consumers would respond to a superior product made him start the company in Wisconsin.  The company has remained true to these ideals with the first API-rated synthetic motor oil in the world. AMSOIL now formulates a wide variety of synthetic lubricating oils for all types of engines as well as fuel additives, filtration systems and other products that extend lubricant performance. The advantages of synthetic motor oils are well known and have been written about for decades.  Whether extended service life, improved fuel economy, increased power, reduced friction and wear, resistance to breakdown, better low and high temperature protection, you name it, the documentation is out there, and with Amsoil being the first they are the leader in synthetics.


The Good:

Amsoil is a legitimate Multi-level Marketing (MLM) Business. Amsoil, however, is different than most MLM’s because you do not have to sponsor other people to succeed, and you do not get paid for recruiting other distributors but you do get paid on what they sell. so you can make money just by selling the product or recruiting others to sell it for you. The other thing which makes Amsoil very attractive is for an MLM, you do not have any inventory like so many other companies that require you to buy their products. Amsoil distributors are paid on what they sell and all products are distributed directly through Amsoil warehouses located throughout the US, with Amsoil handling all of the transactions, shipping, sales tax, and the headaches.

The Bad:

This not a product for those who want to “get rich quick”, or people who want to just work at home. You can make money with it but you have to get out and work with the public or find people who want to do that for you.

Who is Amsoil For:

Amsoil is for people looking to supplement their income.  It would be especially good for people with automotive skills and passion and those who know people in the automotive industry.

Amsoil Tools and Training:

Amsoil offers continuing lubrication and business management education, and also hosts associate web pages so there are no added expenses. They also help co-op trade shows, and sponsor race car teams.

Amsoil Support:

Amsoil dealers have no inventory requirements, territory restrictions, or sales requirements. Dealers can build and train a team of down line of other dealers to increase their income potential. The support offered with the product. The company offers support to help with dealer problems.

Amsoil  Price:

Independent Dealers can get started for under $50.00. Dealers are not required to make any additional purchases but can choose to purchase a literature kit containing product data bulletins, price lists, and other documents, and/or a Business Manual containing training material for new Dealers

Final Opinion

Amsoil is an honest American company with great products and for someone looking for a business opportunity in the automotive field who is willing to work hard, this could be an ideal fit.

Name: Amsoil Inc.

Website: http://www.Amsoil.com

Price:  Less than $50 to join.

Owners: Albert J. Amatuzio, President & CEO

Overall Rank: 60 out of 100



If you are considering an MLM and you want to get rich quick, I would definitely not look at Amsoil.  However, when you consider that synthetic oil is being used in all the engines in the world now and this business is only going to keep growing and if you want to work, what better business could you be in than Amsoil. It is totally LEGIT!

I have a friend  who is doing well with Amsoil and if you want more information contact me and I will get you in touch with him.

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